Atlantic Blue

Atlantic Blue was established by Caroline, a military spouse and avid stitcher whose husband was frequently gone. As many, needlepoint regained my full-attention during lockdown and I started painting my own canvases. I work full-time as a CPA and painting needlepoint has been a wonderful, creative outlet.

Born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida, I am inspired by the Florida lifestyle. The military also moved us through Austin and Upstate New York, so I picked up a few inspirational designs along the way. 

I had a girlfriend tell me about her success on Etsy over a few glasses of wine and decided to give it a try, and it has been an absolute blast! Stay tuned for new and sassy designs for the modern stitcher. 

Caroline, Owner & Designer


Kathy Brant, the designer behind the Hobby Santa Collection, joined Atlantic Blue in 2022. Kathy and I met after finding her Scuba Diving Santa online, I was on the hunt for anything Scuba Diving related. We teamed up and launched our first collection together in summer 2022. 

I painted her first needlepoint canvas in the mid 1970's. My mother-in-law who stitched asked me to paint her a canvas of Mt. Fuji, I was intrigued with the project.  To better understand how to work with the canvas I took a beginner stitching course, and I was hooked.  I did canvases for several area stores (there were many more in those days) until I began work full-time as a teacher.  While teaching, I did some custom work and lettering for one shop near me; it was on retiring from education that I started painting canvases again.  I enjoy working client's ideas for canvases and also personalizing other canvases, by adding a name, changing a color or adding a pet.  I still enjoy stitching, but painting takes up most of my needlepoint time.

Kathy Brant, Designer