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Atlantic Blue Canvas Designers

Atlantic Blue was established by Caroline, a military spouse and avid stitcher whose husband was frequently gone. As many, needlepoint regained my full-attention during lockdown and I started painting my own canvases. I work full-time as a CPA and painting needlepoint has been a wonderful, creative outlet.

Born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida, I am inspired by the Florida lifestyle. The military also moved us through Austin and Upstate New York, so I picked up a few inspirational designs along the way. Stay tuned for new and sassy designs for the modern stitcher. 

Caroline, Owner & Designer

Kathy Brant Designs

Kathy Brant, the designer behind the Hobby Santa Collection, joined Atlantic Blue in 2022. Kathy and I met after finding her Scuba Diving Santa online, I was on the hunt for anything Scuba Diving related. We teamed up and launched our first collection together in summer 2022. 

I painted her first needlepoint canvas in the mid 1970's. My mother-in-law who stitched asked me to paint her a canvas of Mt. Fuji, I was intrigued with the project.  To better understand how to work with the canvas I took a beginner stitching course, and I was hooked.  I did canvases for several area stores (there were many more in those days) until I began work full-time as a teacher.  While teaching, I did some custom work and lettering for one shop near me; it was on retiring from education that I started painting canvases again.  I enjoy working client's ideas for canvases and also personalizing other canvases, by adding a name, changing a color or adding a pet.  I still enjoy stitching, but painting takes up most of my needlepoint time.

Kathy, Designer

Gotta Stitch It Up Designs

Hi friends, my name is Anna and I am the designer and owner of @GottaStitchItUpNdlpt! I live in West Columbia with my husband and our two fur babies - Gwen and Newman. When I’m not designing needlepoint, I am an elementary school librarian, which was my dream job as a child. I have been surrounded by all types of needle art since I can remember. My grandmother was an avid cross stitcher, used her sewing machine on the regular, and helped me learn all types of crafting skills. In 2014 I began cross stitching and then in 2020, as the world was shutting down, I took up needlepoint to help me cope with the stress. As for my designs, my inspiration stems from my own personal loves and memories. My muse include, but aren’t limited to: Guy Fieri, Shrek, children’s books, libraries, concerts, 90’s nostalgia, tv shows, TikTok, etc.

 Anna, Designer


Ribbons of Grace Designs

I grew up watching both my Grandmother and Mother needlepoint. It was the era of large projects - they made entire sets of dining room chair seats and card table covers, and stitched their initials and date into every piece. My Mom also loved embroidery, which she learned from my great-grandmother. She hand embroidered my Easter dresses growing up. I think about joining that lineage with each piece that I stitch. It is such an honor to stand on the shoulders of the women in my family as I launch Ribbons of Grace.

My background, education, and heart are in ministry, having served as a hospital chaplain, but my passion is the needle arts. I seek to weave ribbons of grace and love through all my work. I love the delicacy, detail, and elegance of hand-embroidery and the utility and ease of the needlepoint grid. And this is how Ribbons of Grace was born.

Ashley, Designer


Pink Park Designs

Haley is new to the needlepoint world, both as a designer and as a stitcher, yet took to it like a duck to water! She loves fashion, food, & travel, as well as exploring her hometown of Chicago, IL. Anything colorful, vintage, preppy, pink, punny, and pizza-filled is her game...along with a glass of champagne close by. Though working a 9-5 by day, she's also a content creator by night. Follow both her needlepoint and personal pages below for all kinds of fun!

Haley, Designer


The Painted Stitch

My name is Brooke and I am the brains behind The Painted Stitch. I run the business out of my little apartment in Tribeca, NYC.  When I am not stitching or painting, I love to cook, explore NYC, or visit my parents and our goldendoodles Anastasia and Louie on Long Island. 

Like most other stitchers, I started needlepointing during the pandemic. When the world opened again, I joined Stitch Club NYC and the rest is history. Early on needlepoint brought me new friends, a new way to relax, and afforded me the opportunity to explore painting my own canvases. I've painted since I was a kid and began to paint my own canvases in 2022 and that quickly spiraled into painting canvases for friends. Before I knew it, The Painted Stitch was born. I am a one woman show-- painting custom canvases, designing canvases for new and established designers, and teaching painting classes at my LNS. I also help designers paint sample canvases before formal production. 
Now, The Painted Stitch has joined forces with Atlantic Blue Canvas to release my very first personal collection of canvases. The designs are a reflection of my favorite things: patterns, bright colors, and all things FUN. 


Brooke, Designer



Summer Hayes Designs

Hannah found needlepoint in early 2022 and never looked back! She fell in love with stitching first but has since found great satisfaction in working a project all the way through - designing, painting, stitching and finishing. Hannah knew she’d never be able to stitch all the designs she had in her head, so she started Summer Hayes Designs (named after her daughter) and team up with Caroline to bring her designs to the needlepoint market. 
In her daily life Hannah works in Health Economics and Outcomes Research and holds a PhD in Epidemiology. She is married and has two kids. She enjoys spending free time with her family, traveling extensively, and volunteering with the Junior League of Houston. 

Hannah, Designer

Cece and The Bug

Named for her two children and inspired by all things happy, Cece and The Bug is a collection of unique canvases designed by Nicole. A life-long crafter with a penchant for the nostalgic, Nicole began needlepointing in 2021, quickly amassing a serious stash of canvases and eventually partnering with Caroline on sticker designs for ABC! When she isn’t designing, Nicole works in marketing and enjoys spending time with her husband, kids, and dog Harry in New Jersey.
Nicole, Designer

Rooney & Stich

Sophie is a former fashion buyer from New York now living in North Carolina and taking her needlepoint passion project full time - enter Rooney and Stitch. Her style is inspired by vintage textile patterns and retro graphic design. When she’s not painting canvases, you can find her being bossed around by her mini wire-haired dachshund, Moose
Sophie, Designer